President's Message

R. A. Mahinda Sarathchandra
President - 2015 - 2016

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our founder members, who had taken an unprecedented step over 30 years in vehicle importation industry in Sri Lanka by forming VIASL and bringing together the aspiring entrepreneurs to one platform. I would also like to express my heartfelt congratulations my predecessor Mr. Yoga Perera and former executive committee of VIASL, who have done excellent service during the year 2011/2012 advocating the industry and keeping the association on the very successful road that it has been so far.

Over the last three decades, our membership base has thrived to be the country’s preeminent representative body of vehicle importers. Since 1984, the association remained true to its vision of advocating the automobile importation industry and importers.

Our membership comprises of vastly experienced pioneers in the motor vehicle importation industry, and in the process of enrolling new members we give priority and preference only to businessmen who are directly engaged in motor vehicle imports and also who maintain their own showrooms to carry out the business, hence we believe that the consumers would have a better opportunity and could purchase motor vehicles, with much confidence, from dealers whom they could trust.
I was honored and privileged to be appointed as the President of Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka in 2012. The successive year started with a groundbreaking attempt to reform the standards of the industry. We were able to offer an exclusive warranty system – Pioneer Warranty for the vehicles sold by our members. It was the first time in Sri Lanka that a vehicle importer’s association granted a guarantee, boosting buyer confidence. The vital feature of the offered system is it ensures total customer care during the first two years to our customers.

The goal of VIASL is to be the leading representative body of the vehicle importers that will proactively and effectively engage in the welfare of its members and Sri Lankan customers. As a membership-based association, effective communication with the members is vital. Taking into consideration the significance of having an effective internal communication strategy within the association, we hope to facilitate an integrated communication platform exclusive for the members. Moreover, we would be appointing district heads from each district in order to strengthen the bond between the members and the association.

My sincere gratitude goes to the executive committee members of VIASL for their dedication and far-sighted perspectives, which have helped set the direction and guided the association to continue on the mission to protect and promote the vehicle industry in Sri Lanka. Further, I take this opportunity to convey my heartiest gratitude to the general membership who bestowed total trust in me for last 03 years and work for the progress of the association and the entire vehicle industry by exchanging their valuable ideas with me.

President's Welcome to the Website

I cordially welcome you to the Official Website of Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka!

Our website incorporates VIASL member information, latest announcements and gazette notifications by the government of Sri Lanka, and up to date information related to the vehicle importation industry.