Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of VIASL is comprised of six Members - the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. The Executive Committee Members have the power to administrate and supervise all the activities of the Association. They also have the authority to elect members recommended to the Association.

The Executive Committee Members of the Association are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year. It is imperative that the members of the Executive Committee have completed a minimum of ten years in the vehicle importation industry to be eligible to be appointed as an office bearer. The Executive Committee of VIASL has delegated authority in representing the members and directing the Association to execute its key objectives.

The members of the Executive Committee are entrusted by the Association with the responsibilities of:

  • Representing and coordinating with the other local and international associations and industry bodies
  • Executing the responsibilities and activities of the Association through role-based subcommittees
  • Administrating and supervising all the activities of the Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka whether carried out by delegating the powers to any subcommittee or otherwise
  • Informing the members about the activities, emerging issues, initiatives and decisions of the Association
  • Exchanging information with members beneficial to the vehicle importation industry and trade
  • Communicating with general mass in order to raise awareness of the important trade-related information

Previous Executive Committees