Membership Guidelines

The criteria for considering new members in general are:

  1. The membership of Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka is opened only to Sri Lankan citizens and to legal entities registered in Sri Lanka except for as a Company Limited by Guarantee.
  2. Membership shall be opened to only for the importers of vehicles to Sri Lanka who has imported minimum of twelve (12) vehicles in the past.
  3. The granting of membership is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee Members of the Association.

Procedure for new members

  1. Candidates for VIASL membership are expected to fill the membership application form.
  2. Candidates will be expected to provide evidence and information concerning the VIASL Membership selection criteria as mentioned on membership terms and conditions.
  3. The Executive Committee of VIASL considers suggestions by VIASL members and accepts applications by vehicle importers willing to meet the membership requirements.
  4. The Executive Committee Members of the Association grants the new membership. The decision of the Executive Committee is final and is non-revocable.
  5. The applicant is expected to pay the annual fee once the application is approved.